Why is Kings Cross So Famous?

By Shoaib
June 3, 2024
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Over the past decade, Kings Cross has undergone a huge amount of work and has been completely redeveloped. About 15 years ago, the area didn’t have the best reputation, but it’s now become one of the top places to stay in the city. Thanks to its central location, excellent transportation connections, and famous landmarks, you’ll find that our Mabledon Court Hotel is the ideal base for your next London trip. Keep reading to discover why Kings Cross is so famous and the top reasons to consider staying here.

Kings Cross and Harry Potter

Without a doubt one of the top reasons that many people come to Kings Cross is thanks to the Harry Potter movie and book franchise. If you aren’t familiar with the stories, Harry Potter boards the Hogwarts Express each year to head to his wizarding school from Kings Cross. In fact, so many visitors come here just for this reason, that they even have a photo opportunity in the station showcasing the entrance to Platform 9 and ¾. Even muggles can enjoy getting to see what it feels like to head to Hogwarts here, and you’ll find there’s a constant queue for photos throughout the day.

In the renovated station, you’ll also find a fantastic Harry Potter store, which offers some great souvenirs of your stay here. You’ll find every type of gift imaginable, and it’s the perfect way to commemorate your time in Kings Cross. Each year on the day that Harry Potter went to school, hundreds of Harry Potter fans gather here to celebrate the occasion, which is certainly a sight to see if you are in the area at this time.

What Happened  has changed so much over the past years, particularly since the opening of the London St. Pancras station. From here, you can catch the Eurostar directly to France, allowing you to enjoy a weekend in Paris and other famous cities. This is one reason that so many people opt to stay with us at our Mabledon Court Hotel, as they need a central hotel in St. Pancras to catch an early train the next morning.

As well as the two new stations, you’ll find that the dining and drinking options in the local area have changed a lot also. There are fantastic restaurants open at all times of the day or night which will suit everyone’s tastes and preferences. You’ll find it’s also a very convenient spot to stay in if you are looking to enjoy sightseeing around the city. With so many tube lines connecting here, it won’t take you long to get anywhere you need to be in a rush.

While many visitors flock to Kings Cross to celebrate its connection with the Harry Potter movies, we think it’s one of the best areas for anyone to stay in. After its recent renovations, you’ll find dozens of great restaurants to dine in each evening after exploring the city. Contact our team today to learn more about our centrally-located Mabledon Court Hotelin Kings Cross, which will be the perfect spot for your next London adventure.

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