What’s on Guide: London Farringdon

By Shoaib
June 2, 2024
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When planning your upcoming stay in our Hatton Garden Hotel, you’ll be excited to learn there’s plenty to do in the local area to keep you busy. Whether you enjoy strolling around boutiques and shops, visiting London’s top museums, or exploring the local cultural sites, there’s something for everyone in the Hatton Garden, Farringdon, and Holborn areas. All of these areas are within walking distance of the hotel, so let’s take a look at what you can enjoy in the local area on your next stay.

Exploring Hatton Garden

Hatton Garden is a lovely area for taking a stroll around, and you’ll find plenty of great restaurants and stores to keep you entertained. The area is well-known for being the home to the UK’s top boutique jewellery stores, so if you are looking to add to your collection, enjoy speaking to the jewellers in the local area. Some of these stores have been operating for over a hundred years, so you can be sure they’ll have some delightful collections for you to browse.

Historical Hatton Garden

If you enjoy learning more about the history of the local area you are staying in, you’ll love wandering through the streets of Hatton Garden. Stop by St Etheldreda’s Church, which dates back to the Middle Ages, and Bleeding Heart Yard, where it was believed that Lady Elizabeth Hatton was murdered back in 1662. Zeppelin Building is located on Farringdon Road, and this location was bombed during World War II by a Zeppelin. Keep an eye out for signs on the various roads and walls of buildings, which will give you more insight into the history of the local area.

Charles Dickens Museum

For anyone who’s enjoyed reading the classics written by Charles Dickens in the past, head to the Charles Dickens Museum. It’s located just a short stroll from Hatton Garden, and the museum is housed in his former home. This is the home in which he wrote Oliver Twist, and you’ll find personal items and manuscripts on display in the museum.

The Postal Museum

The Postal Museum is located right by the Charles Dickens Museum, and it’s one of London’s best hidden treasures. As well as learning more about the history of the postal service in the city, you’ll be able to take a ride on an old postal train. It’s a fun museum for kids as well, as there are plenty of hands-on exhibits designed just for younger visitors.

Smithfield Market

Smithfield Market is located within a short distance of our Hatton Garden Hotel, just behind Farringdon station. This historic weekday market sells meats, poultry, oils, cheese, and much more. Even if you don’t need to purchase anything during your trip, you’ll love looking around this unique market that attracts locals and visitors every day.

Museum of London

If you are keen to learn more about London’s past, you’ll find the Museum of London not far from Farringdon station and the Barbican. You’ll head back in time to pre-Roman times and learn about the turbulent events which made London the city it is today. There are plenty of fascinating items on display, as well as interactive displays which make this a good museum for visitors of all ages.

The British Museum

Heading towards Holborn, you’ll find the world-famous British Museum. This history celebrates our history as humans and features displays with over eight million different pieces. Make sure you book online for this and any other museum you may want to visit on your upcoming trip, as they are restricting the number of visitors entering currently.

The Charterhouse

Just a few minutes from Farringdon station, you’ll find The Charterhouse, which is a former monastery dating back to 1348. It’s now home to gardens, a chapel, an almshouse, and a small museum, all of which are open for the public to visit. You’ll be surprised to see a location such as this tucked away in Farringdon, and it offers a peaceful retreat during those busy days in the city.

Leather Lane

After a busy morning exploring all of the local museums and attractions, you’ll need some good food to keep you going. Leather Lane is a local street food market that’s just a few minutes away from our Hatton Garden Hotel. It’s particularly popular with locals on Mondays through to Fridays, and you’ll find something for everyone to enjoy here.

As you can see, there’s so much to keep you entertained in the Farringdon area when staying at our Hatton Garden Hotel. Regardless of your interests, you’ll find fascinating attractions, superb dining, and unique shops in this area, all of which will make for a stay to remember in London.


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