What is the average cost of a hotel in London?

By Shoaib
June 3, 2024
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The price for a hotel in London depends very much on what you are looking for. Are you looking for place with a spa and Michelin star restaurant or are you looking for a good bed for the night and to spend your day exploring the city? The season also plays are part in the cost – with January and February being low season and the summer and autumn months being higher season. The days of the week are also likely to impact the price – with the start of the week generally costing less than midweek or the weekend.

We regularly get asked if the prices drop on the day. This can happen but it is rare as our hotels do tend to get booked up in advance and so there aren’t many rooms available on the day. Generally, we recommend booking early if you are after the best deal as the prices rise as occupancy rises and London gets busier! Our online rates are available for a few months ahead if not the whole year so you can see how different dates impact your travel costs.

Another frequent question is whether it is cheaper to book online or call into the hotel. Our properties don’t take telephone bookings as a card protection measure so you will always find the best rates for us online.

If you have any more pricing questions, our friendly reception teams are always happy to help and can give you the current rate for your potential stay dates.

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