Should I stay in a hotel or Airbnb on my trip to London?

By Shoaib
June 3, 2024
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London has a huge range of hotels and Airbnbs to suit any budget. At Crown Group we pride ourselves in running city hotels in good locations with the right amenities to get you ready for your busy day in the capital – be it work or leisure.

Generally, we find it helpful to ask the following questions before choosing where to stay:

Who am I going with?
What am I going to do on this trip (and consequently where do I need to be)?
What do I want to get out of this trip?
We find hotels offer the following advantages:

Its clear what you are getting
All our hotels are well located in spots with great transport links around the city
Business travellers particularly like the ease of staying at a hotel and having everything taken care off during their stay
All amenities are on hand, or you can ask a member of staff if you need a hand
Airbnbs offer the following advantages:

More flexibility on the type of property – you may have a full kitchen which you are unlikely to have in a hotel
You are likely to have more space as you will have a full apartment
May work out better for bigger groups travelling together
The purpose of your trip and your travel companions will determine the right place to stay during your trip to London. Once you’ve planned your trip and are looking for a hotel to stay in, our friendly reception teams will be happy to help set up your stay and give you some additional local knowledge about the surrounding area.

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