Our Top 5 Virtual Museums in London

Missing your culture fix? Or even just planning your post quarantine trip to London? Our team have picked our top 5 virtual tours from London Museums for you to browse.

The British Museum – with an extensive collection of artefacts dating back centuries and crossing nations, we always find something new when we head to the British Museum (both in reality and in its virtual form!) The new tour website is no exception and the team have spent hours going through the virtual rooms and choosing where to head first when it re-opens.


The Courtauld Gallery – Although the gallery has been closed for renovations since 2018, you can still view their impressive collection with their new virtual tour.  We can’t wait for it to re-open now!


Houses of Parliament – Ever wondered what else lurked behind those green chairs we see on the tv? This 360 degree tour takes you through the interior of these stunning buildings. For those of you who have never been inside, they do not disappoint!


The National Gallery – One of the older virtual tours (created back in 2016!) but by no means out of date or old fashioned, The National Gallery provides 3 tour options so you never run out of your culture fix.


The Natural History Museum – With 12 different options, The National History Museum really have thought of everything! This one should be able to keep the whole family entertained (at least till lunchtime!)



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