London Tube Zones – How They Work

By Shoaib
June 3, 2024
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One of the best ways to make the most of your time in London is to use the tube to get from A to B. No matter which of our hotels you choose to stay at, you’ll find they are all nearby to one of the city’s major tube stations. Today we’re going to discover what the London tube zones are and how they will impact the cost of your journey.

What are the London Tube Zones?

Before riding the tube for the first time, it’s important to understand how the tube zones work. The city is divided into nine different zones. Zone 1 is located in the centre of the city, whereas Zone 9 is the furthest away from the city centre. These zones were devised so that Transport for London can calculate how far you are travelling and the price you need to pay for each journey. The distance that you travel will impact your price, so the more zones you cover, the higher the cost of your journey. If you start or end your journey on a station which is on the edge of the zone, you’ll typically pay the lower journey price.

Our London Hotels and the Nearest Tube Stations

All of our London hotels are conveniently located for the tube. Keep reading to discover which station to use when staying at each of the hotels and how to get to the hotel from the major London airports.

Hatton Garden Hotel

Farringdon is the nearest station from our Hatton Garden Hotel, which offers you multiple tube lines to choose from. To get here from Heathrow Airport, you can use the new Elizabeth line directly to Farringdon, and from Gatwick Airport, take the train to London Victoria and change onto the tube here.

Great St Helen Hotel

Our Great St Helen Hotel is one of the best connected hotels in the city, as it’s just a short walk from London Liverpool Street Station. Here you can connect to regional trains and many different tube lines, which will allow you to get to and from Heathrow and Gatwick airport with ease. The Elizabeth line also services this station, so you’ll have no problem getting to Heathrow in a rush.

Hotel Cavendish and Arran House Hotel

These hotels in London Bloomsbury are close to Euston Square on the Piccadilly Line in Zone 1. It’s quick and easy to get to London Heathrow from here, as it’s directly on this line to the airport. From Gatwick Airport, you can just change onto the Victoria Line and then the Piccadilly Line after taking the train into London Victoria.

Bloomsbury Palace Hotel

You’ll want to use the London Tottenham Court Road station to get around when staying at our Bloomsbury Palace Hotel. The Elizabeth line services this station from Heathrow Airport, or change at London Victoria to get to Gatwick Airport.

Mabledon Court Hotel

Another well connected hotel we offer is our Mabledon Court Hotel, which is by London King’s Cross and St Pancras International. You can take the Piccadilly Line directly here from Heathrow Airport or change at London Victoria to get to London Gatwick Airport.

It’s quick and easy to get from any of our hotels in London to wherever you need to go. By following the guide we’ve shared above, you can make the most of your time here and use the tube to get anywhere you need to be in the city.

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