London Design Festival 2019

London Design Festival 2019

And we are into the first week of the annual London Design Festival! For those of you that haven’t heard, the London Design Festival is huge and has the sole aim of showcasing London as the World’s Centre of Design.

The Victoria and Albert Museum (South Kensington) was chosen as the centre point for the Festival however there are many displays, events and workshops all over the city.

Sea Things

Image of the Sea Things Exhibit at the Entrance of the V & A

Our team headed to the V&A earlier in the week to check it out. The team’s favourite installation was Sea Things located at the entrance of the V&A. Watching the animated fish swim was utterly mesmerising and we are fairly certain we ended up blocking the entrance as we continued watching.

The theme at the V&A is sustainability and there are many examples of this in the main displays and during the workshops – Bamboo Ring utilises bamboo and carbon fibre to create a unique structure that is visualising stunning and symbolises the weaving of people and place together.





Near a Crown Group Hotel:

If you’re staying with us (or looking to choose a place to stay based on your favourite designer!), you can find the closest installations to each of our hotels listed below:

Great St Helen Hotel (London Liverpool Street)

Please Be Seated (Broadgate Circus)

“The design features curves for people to sit on and walk under, further enhancing London’s largest pedestrianised neighbourhood”

Book Great St Helen Hotel:

Mabledon Court Hotel (London Kings Cross St Pancras)


Presented by Samsung, this piece gives insight into Gamper’s creative process. As well as view the designs, visitors will be able to interact with the latest technology from Samsung.

Book Mabledon Court Hotel:

Bloomsbury Palace Hotel (London Gower Street)

Iri- Descent

This suspended arrangement is displayed in the atrium of Fortnum and Masons Piccadilly – only a short journey away from our Gower Street Properties.

The arrangement features 150 skeleton framework cubes and uses the surrounding light and space to create stunning visual effects

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