Back to school – It’s interesting this time we promise!

Crown Group are fortunate enough to host travellers out of some of London’s most well preserved Georgian buildings. Our Gower Street hotels maintain the Georgian facades whilst still providing guests with all the daily comforts they are now used to in their modern day lives.

In theme with ‘Back to School’, Crown Group are hosting a ‘History of the Hotel’ week where you can ask our reception staff about the history of the hotel, street and surrounding area.

Did you know that our Arran House Hotel was first used as a lodging house in 1871? And, it has remained in this use since then apart from a brief period before the turn of the 20th century.

Or that Gower Street is part of the Bedford Estate?

And if you are history buffs like us and want to spot some more Georgian architecture throughout the Capital, check out this blog post by TheCultureTrip:

Arran House Hotel Exterior (facing Gower Street)

Arran House Hotel Exterior (facing Gower Street)


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