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With over twenty years of experience hosting travellers to the city of London, Crown Group of Hotels knows how to set you up for your stay in the capital. With a jam packed itinerary for your trip to London, you need a hotel close to your favourite spots but with good transport links to the rest of central London.

Choose from 6 exceptional city hotels for your next trip. Experience the finest hospitality, service, and amenities. Book here for the best deals. We can’t wait to welcome you!

Experience the Finest Hospitality

Stay in the Heart of London

Comfortable, convenient hotels in the Heart of London

With over twenty years experience hosting travellers to the city of London, Crown Group have learnt a thing or two about those visiting the capital. You make a plan – either business or pleasure, and then you find the best hotel in the surrounding vicinity.


Extraordinary Accommodations

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Working on the go won’t be a problem as all our hotels have free WiFi. Or, if you fancy a night in watching a movie, our WiFi will be able to handle it.


Our hotels are in prime locations across central London, England and are close to many local and international transport links.


Our reception and concierge team know central London better than the palms of their hands and are always willing to give suggestions to improve your trip to London and the rest of the England.

Extraordinary Accommodations

Hotels in Central London, England

A nighttime view of St. Paul's Cathedral in London, beautifully illuminated. People walk along a modern, lit bridge leading towards the historic building, creating a striking contrast between old and new architecture. The City of London School is visible on the left, with nearby hotels in London completing the scenery.

London Liverpool Street

A vibrant sunset over London, featuring the illuminated Shard skyscraper and Tower Bridge. The bridge's gothic towers and cables are visible over the calm waters of the Thames, with the city's skyline forming an impressive backdrop, promising a memorable evening for guests at nearby hotels in London.

London Farringdon

A classic red British telephone booth stands on a nighttime city street, with light trails from passing vehicles creating vibrant streaks of color. Nearby hotels in London line the street under the dark sky, emphasizing the dynamic, bustling urban environment.

London Tottenham Court Road

An ornate, wrought iron table and four matching chairs are set on a stone patio in a lush, leafy garden. Sunlight filters through the trees, casting intricate shadows on the ground. A small object, possibly a candle, sits at the center of the table—a scene reminiscent of tranquil spots found at some charming hotels in London.

London Bloomsbury

A train station platform under a large arched roof, with a view of tracks curving away into the distance. A train is at the platform and digital display screens show departure times. The background shows city buildings and the sky is overcast, with signs pointing to nearby hotels in London.

London Kings Cross St Pancras

Entrance to Hotel Cavendish with double white doors framed by black trim and a white arch. The number 75 is displayed above the doors. Two potted plants are positioned beside the entrance, along with hanging flower baskets. As one of the charming hotels in London, its name is elegantly displayed on placards.

London Bloomsbury

A sophisticated, modern restaurant interior within one of the finest hotels in London features several elegantly set tables and plush chairs. Large windows with sheer curtains allow natural light to stream in, illuminating the ornate ceiling design and a large decorative chandelier above.
Bon Appétit During Vacations and Trips

Experience exquisite cuisine from all over the world

The experienced chefs creates international specialties with unique flavors. Relax with gourmet cuisine and signature cocktails or homemade tonics, all enhanced by beautiful music and gorgeous views over the city. From seasonal menus to dining experiences to satisfy any craving, see what our chefs are preparing for you.

A black plate holds a gourmet dish featuring seared scallops on a puree, garnished with microgreens and thinly sliced radishes. Silverware and a rolled black napkin are in the background. The presentation is elegant and artistic, reminiscent of the fine dining experiences offered at top hotels in London.
Introducing Our Services & Facilities

All you need to know to ensure your trip is perfect.

State-of-the-art amenities include a dramatic double-story loft lounge, spectacular rooftop lounge, Technogym fitness center, media corner, and a gracious 24/7 resident services team.

Dimly lit dining room with a large dark wooden table surrounded by dark chairs. A glowing spherical pendant light hangs above the table. Large windows in the background let in natural light, partially illuminating the space and revealing plants outside—a perfect setting reminiscent of boutique hotels in London.
Works & Meetings
Stylish Meeting Spaces

The hotel offers three intimate meeting rooms, each accommodating up to ten guests for formal meetings. Equipped with wireless Internet access, speakerphone and tables with chairs.

Four bottles of CBD soft gels are placed on a wooden surface beside a green plant. In the blurred background, reminiscent of a guest relaxing in one of the finest hotels in London, a person is drinking a glass of water. The image suggests a natural and wellness-focused setting.
Spa, Massage, Sauna

In the hotel spa center we offer an exceptional well-being experience combining our expertise, high technology and breathtaking results.

A person is seated on a machine in a spacious gym, performing a lat pulldown exercise. The gym, reminiscent of those found in upscale hotels in London, has various fitness equipment, large windows, and mirrored walls, with bright overhead lighting illuminating the space.
Training Spaces
Workout & Yoga Rooms

Our fitness centre includes a fully equipped gym, yoga room and dance studio. Maintain your fitness routine during the trip over the stunning views of the city.

High standards of hospitality

We strive to provide our guests with luxury, comfort & tailor-made service.

“The hotel is well located. Rooms are very clean. Great services. Very kind people from front desk and delicious breakfast. And I really love the spa!”
Sophie Laurier
“Brilliant staff and exceptional customer service. The place is fantastic. Great facilities and atmosphere. Buffet breakfast daily is very generous.”
Luna Wayne
“The restaurants available were all very good. Friendly staff, helpful disposition made our overall experience wonderful. We will be going again next year.”
Joseph Hart
“The rooms are all renovated and modern. And the staff are very willing to help you plan your day. Thanks for all the staff and this pleased trip!”
Erin Pierce
Find available

Awesome Rooms & Suites

We have different rooms and suites types for different purposes, it’s your call where your want to choose to stay.

A hotel room in London with a neatly made double bed featuring two patterned pillows and a folded white towel. The room has dark wooden furniture, including a chair and a small table, and is softly lit by natural light from large windows with patterned curtains.

Comfortably furnished double room with an en suite bathroom….

A neatly made bed with white linens, a yellow blanket, and gray pillows is in the center of a hotel room in one of the charming hotels in London. Natural light filters through two windows with dark curtains. A framed picture hangs on the wall above a wooden headboard, and a remote control lies on the bed.

A comfortable double room with an en-suite bathroom. Each room has a double bed….

A cozy hotel room with a large bed topped with neatly folded towels and remote control. The room features two bedside tables with lamps, a floor-to-ceiling window with sheer curtains, and a dark wooden headboard with white panels. The overall decor is modern and stylish, perfect for those seeking hotels in London.

Designed for two (or if you’re travelling alone but like a bit more space).

A cozy bedroom with a neatly made double bed, typical of charming hotels in London. The bed features a white duvet, red runner, and gray accent pillows. Towels rest at the foot, with a remote between them. Two bedside tables with lamps are on each side, and draped curtains frame the window above the headboard.

A comfortable room with an en suite bathroom.

A modern hotel room with two single beds pushed together, each with a green throw and pillow. The headboard is dark wood, and reading lamps are attached on each side. A colorful abstract painting hangs above the beds, and a large window with sheer curtains is to the right. Hotels in London offer this blend of comfort and style.

Comfortably furnished double rooms with an ensuite bathroom.

A cozy bedroom with a neatly made double bed featuring white linens, two maroon accent pillows, and a matching maroon throw blanket. A wall-mounted reading light is above the bed, reminiscent of elegant hotels in London. A closed closet door is on the right side of the room.

Comfortably furnished double rooms with an en suite bathroom.